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The Way I Dress: Mr Nick Sullivan

Posted in Commissioned Work, Film, Inspiration, Video by Chris Floyd on October 2, 2012

Mr Nick Sullivan is the fashion director of US Esquire. He was born in Dorset, England, but is now based in New York City. “I think I probably picked up a few things about style from my dad, and I’m slightly inspired, in a way, by photographs of him from before I was even born.”  On the difference between fashion and style, “There are two camps, one worships fashion and the other worships style. To me the difference is less important than what they add to each other.”

The film was shot in his house in Brooklyn, New York and the music for this new series is by my very best New York friend, Mr Jason Darling, who I first met in a bar in London’s Soho, way back in 1998.  Finally, we get to collaborate.

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  1. nigelrumsey said, on October 3, 2012 at 7:35 am

    Great video, very stylish indeed, but what was he doing with that shirt collar!

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