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Digging In The Crates

Posted in Me Myself & I by Chris Floyd on November 24, 2010

Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Jack Black, Lucy Liu

A stop gap, filler post today.  Having a little rummage around in the archives for something on Dustin Hoffman, for someone who needed a picture of him, and I came out with these that I took at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes in 2008.  I was in the French town for the entire 2 weeks of the film festival to shoot a portfolio of portraits and reportage for a French magazine.  I did 91 portraits in 12 days.  Anyway, here is Hoffmann, on the left, with Angelina Jolie, Jack Black and Lucy Liu, who has her back to the camera.  They had all provided voices for the cartoon caper, Kung Fu Panda, and were at the festival to plug it.  This was taken in a penthouse suite a few minutes before they left for the movie’s premiere.  Angelina Jolie is 8 months pregnant and Dustin Hoffmann is wearing some funny socks.  Also, his shirt was the whitest, crispiest shirt I’ve ever seen on a man.

They were all in the suite for me to photograph them for Newsweek Magazine and as soon as everyone was ready, they came together in front of a plain backdrop and my camera.  I looked behind me at one point and realised that there were about 50 people in the room.  As I took the picture (below) I felt the hand of Jeff Katzenberg (Spielberg’s partner in Dreamworks) upon my shoulder.  He whispered in my ear, “That’s the one.  You just got the million dollar shot, kid.”


Start to finish, the whole experience lasted about 7 minutes.  From there I had to rush to shoot some reportage at a party being hosted by Caroline Scheufele, the co-president of Chopard.  The picture I took there that I really love features a gigantic Gwyneth Paltrow, literally towering over some of the other guests, looking for all the world as if she has landed from another world, where they dress as if in first century Rome, to mix with more conventionally attired citizens.

Here endeth the pointlessly gratuitous celebrity anecdote but at least I can say I’ve been called “kid” by a real life Hollywood mogul.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Spike Lee, Caroline Scheufele, Ang Lee